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     Welcome to the Simple and Convenient Diet. This was born out of our frustration in finding the perfect diet for our busy lives. We tried several diets and plans. Neither of us could find what we needed. We were either overwhelmed with the prep time involved or tired of feeling 'unhealthy' while on the diet. Or, if the diet was convenient, it was outrageously expensive!  How can a mom of five justify spending almost $200 a week on food just for one person?

     We finally decided to develop this diet. It was the answer we needed. It is easy. It doesn't take a lot of extra time, and it is affordable. 

     While there are some basic rules with our plan, they are simple and easy to follow. Please see 'rules' below. Is it something everyone can do? Absolutely. It is our hope that with the plan that we give you, and the calendar of meals, you will have everything you need to be successful.  Our plan uses brand name foods, so you know exactly what to buy. There is no guesswork involved. You won't spend hours prepping your meals for the week. You will be given a grocery list, with the name brands, so that you will easily know what to buy each week. 

     For a one time fee of $25.00, you will receive a downloadable file that includes everything you need. It includes the calendar of meals for 3 full weeks on a 1200 calorie a day diet, as well as, the list of acceptable foods that you will use in choosing your snacks. Our daily meal plan includes 3 meals plus two snacks. 

     Please see below for a sample day so that you can really decide if this a good fit for you before you purchase our plan. While we used this diet for longer than three weeks, we found that we were very satisfied with three weekly meal plans. 


There are a few very important rules that you should adhere to while on this diet. While they are very simple, we have found them to be vital. These rules are also included in the download package so you can refer to them often if needed. 

1. Before beginning any diet, please make sure you seek the advice of a physician to ensure that a low-calorie (1200 calories/day) lifestyle is healthy for you.

2. You should have a 12 hour period of fasting each day. For instance, if you have your dessert at 7 pm, you should not have any calories until 7 am the next day.

3. Water. You knew this was coming. You should try to drink at least a liter of water per day. 

4. Don't cheat yourself when it comes to the snacks. Each day will include a 100 calorie snack. They are YOUR calories to use, however, don't go over. There are plenty of snacks that are pre-packaged for 100 calories. We suggest you buy those so that you don't accidentally overeat. 

5. Activity- We suggest that you are active 30 minutes a day. You can break this up as you see fit. For instance, two 15 minutes walks a day will give you the same results as one 1/2 hour walk. 

Here is a sample of what one day of our plan looks like. You will have 3 full meals as well as two snacks a day. Each day is approximately 1200 calories. 



(1 Cup)

2% milk

(1 cup)  


Oikos Yogurt-100 calorie Greek Yogurt


Healthy Choice


BBQ steak & potato meal (Found in frozen meal section)


Fruit (We give you the acceptable list to choose from)

Snack (You can choose anything that is 100 calories, although we will give you a list of suggestions)



Turkey Burger

W/ bun

Ore-Ida Fries (We tell you how much your portion is)

Dessert (This is treated the same as a snack, although you need to make sure to eat it within your 12-hour window)

100 Calories


You can do this! 

This is the answer you've been waiting for!